Discounted tattoo session in foyer next week

Oct - 30 2015 | By

The Association of Tattoo Artists in Perth and Tattoo Bali will celebrate its 15th anniversary next week.   “Indo Ink Bali”, aims to heighten the community’s awareness of tattooing as a form of contemporary art. Part of the event includes a discounted tattoo session at the foyer of Oceana Bal Hotel. Music One, Range Telecom, and 101.1 WZ Rock are only a few of the sponsors for this event.

Over 150 tattoo enthusiasts young and old have registered to this event and only 25 lucky ones will be given a 30% discount on the tattoo sessions that will last from 2-3 hours depending on the design and size of the tattoo they choose. Those who will receive tattoos for the first time are requested to eat a full meal before coming to the session.They are also requested to bring a bottle of water and a fully charged phone. Tattoo receivers are encouraged to talk with their tattoo artists during the sessions as they enjoy friendly chit chats.

The Perth community has high regard for the association’s dedication to professionalism in tattooing as well as it’s quality and safety standards. Many well known tattoo artists in Australia hail from Perth and are members of the association.

Andrew Bobble, the event coordinator and head of the Association of Tattoo Artists in Perth, enthusiastically cited setting up the session as an attempt to establish tattooing as a recognized art form, not merely an act of rebellion or fad to be followed. He refers to the body as a canvas on which any person can choose to express themselves, and encourages people to do so if they really want to. Andrew says that while people have no choice on what kind of birthmarks they are born with or scars they receive over time, what kind of tattoo you get is entirely up to you. He bears a grand total of fifty tattoos of varying sizes, located all over the body. Some, he says, have been gifts from friends. Andrew also hopes the event will create bonds across the tattoo artist community and hopefully introduce more people to the art as well. He will be promoting the event on WZ Rock this Friday to talk about the tattoo artists present, many of whom are old and dear friends.

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