January Special: 2 Beds for the Price of One!

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Our Harbourside Hotel is pleased to announce our January special— a 2 bedroom suite now available for the price of one. These suites will include all the usual amenities with no added charge! For this Holiday season, you can bring your whole family or even more of your friends to gather together in one comfortable space, with enough comfort for all.

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And that’s not all; among the treats our hotel has prepared over the holidays include high tea, Italian lunch, a special free concert by a well-known string quartet in the lobby, a holiday raffle draw for those who booked the two-for-one suite Australian day fireworks! Prizes in the raffle include gift cards, holiday baskets, movie and theatre premiere screenings and many more. Our Harbourside Hotel is famous, notorious even, for operating all year round, so if you’re spending time with us during the school holidays, expect a magical and memorable experience!

Hurry now to book one of our special deals. Offer ends on January 30. Book now and be one of our Harbourside Hotel’s special guests.

As always, we’ll be happy to have you!

Our Hotel Roof Gets a Makeover

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Spring has arrived! And at the Oceana Bal Hotel, we always take this time of year to grow and try new things for a fresh beginning. Spring is when we take in the most new employees, landscape the grounds afresh, improve our customer service and operations, give our website a bright new design and change the menu up a little. This year as always we fixed up our facade and put the hotel through several renovations.

We’re most proud of our newly-restored roof, which guarantees to hold up under the weather for many more springs to come; thanks to Prompt Roofing (www.promptroofing.com.au). It has also been re-tiled and repainted, sporting the hotel logo across the top which will be visible from taller buildings and low-flying aircraft. As our hotel is situated by the Burns Beach where many airplanes drop in altitude before landing at the airport, we are pleased that the Oceana Bal Hotel will be greeting passengers and welcoming them to Perth from below.

Our marketing manager Kate has decided to take it a step further, planning to change the roof message every so often according to the season, from “Go Wallabies!” to “Merry Christmas!” He has worked with our brand designers to create a set of the five signs to be displayed throughout the year, including a congratulatory message in the event that the Australian Government passes the bill in favour of same-sex marriage. So, not only has the structure of our roof been remade and improved, but its look will be changing every few months. Already you can see our current roof design showing up on various pictures on the Internet, taken from plane windows and high-rise balconies.

The new roof was provided, as always, by the renowned and award-winning Alderman Co., which roofs establishments all over Australia and has been repairing ours since HH opened its doors in the early sixties. Since then they have unfailingly delivered quality roofing to our hotel, being there for us in times of water (like the storm that hit the harbor ten years ago) and fire (the first accident at the Oceana Bal Hotel back in 1972, when an electrical circuit caused a blaze that damaged a large section of the hotel.) It is because of their unwavering partnership with us that the Oceana Bal Hotel property has remained intact and of star quality.

Spring also brings a multitude of bright new additions to the Hotel gardens, with new flowers blooming in a riot of color and a newly-repainted slide for the children’s swimming pool. And head chef Raya Romulo has a collection of new dishes up her sleeve to be added to our menu, guaranteed to delight first-time guests and those returning to the Hotel to the second, third or fourth time. The brand new roof is the just the beginning—it’s what’s under it that’s even more exciting!

Discounted tattoo session in foyer next week

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The Association of Tattoo Artists in Perth and Tattoo Bali will celebrate its 15th anniversary next week.   “Indo Ink Bali”, aims to heighten the community’s awareness of tattooing as a form of contemporary art. Part of the event includes a discounted tattoo session at the foyer of Oceana Bal Hotel. Music One, Range Telecom, and 101.1 WZ Rock are only a few of the sponsors for this event.

Over 150 tattoo enthusiasts young and old have registered to this event and only 25 lucky ones will be given a 30% discount on the tattoo sessions that will last from 2-3 hours depending on the design and size of the tattoo they choose. Those who will receive tattoos for the first time are requested to eat a full meal before coming to the session.They are also requested to bring a bottle of water and a fully charged phone. Tattoo receivers are encouraged to talk with their tattoo artists during the sessions as they enjoy friendly chit chats.

The Perth community has high regard for the association’s dedication to professionalism in tattooing as well as it’s quality and safety standards. Many well known tattoo artists in Australia hail from Perth and are members of the association.

Andrew Bobble, the event coordinator and head of the Association of Tattoo Artists in Perth, enthusiastically cited setting up the session as an attempt to establish tattooing as a recognized art form, not merely an act of rebellion or fad to be followed. He refers to the body as a canvas on which any person can choose to express themselves, and encourages people to do so if they really want to. Andrew says that while people have no choice on what kind of birthmarks they are born with or scars they receive over time, what kind of tattoo you get is entirely up to you. He bears a grand total of fifty tattoos of varying sizes, located all over the body. Some, he says, have been gifts from friends. Andrew also hopes the event will create bonds across the tattoo artist community and hopefully introduce more people to the art as well. He will be promoting the event on WZ Rock this Friday to talk about the tattoo artists present, many of whom are old and dear friends.

Free limo hire voucher!

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This Halloween, the annual Horror Comix convention will be coming to Perth, and therefore so will the entire circus-community of horror fans, dressed up (as convention attendees usually are) in their spookiest costumes and makeup. The immense popularity of the Horror Comix con was measured in the amount of attendees flying in or driving up from all over the state and even surrounding states, creating a massive spike in Perth tourism. Hotels and inns within the main city area experienced a large influx of guests which contributed greatly to business– and to making their establishments look like something out of an M. Night Shyamalan film. Last year Harborside Hotel was one of those establishments who received unexpected tourist action, and we have learned much! With the convention date approaching, we are offering a limited promo for the Halloween season: when you book a deluxe room any time this month, you get a voucher to hire a limousine for free!

Limousines will be supplied by our partner, Limo Hire Perth, who already work with us in providing classy and comfortable transportation for wedding receptions, formal occasions and functions at our hotel. They are happily joining us in getting in on the Halloween action. As most convention goers arrive in cosplaying groups (as the cast of The Walking Dead and various others) they tend to want to book deluxe rooms, so any group that does so can also avail of free, stylish transportation to the convention venue courtesy of Limo Hire Perth. As our deluxe rooms also feature designer lighting, the latest in jacuzzi and bath technology and breathtaking views of the Perth harbor (including staples like the Opera House, Luna Park and Harbor Bridge) they will also be the most comfortable place for groups to relax after the convention and apply last-minute touches to cosplay. From the Harborside Hotel, a limousine ride to the convention center is merely 15-20 minutes, and we can assure all guests who avail of the promo will be given a luxurious ride.

Picture courtesy of Limo Hire Perth

Picture courtesy of Limo Hire Perth

Although this promo is being offered with the attendees of the Horror Comix Convention in mind, to make their stay and activities in the Perth region more comfortable, guests who are not attending the convention and are staying in Perth for other reasons may also avail of the promo, provided they book a deluxe room. As the convention has become an annual event, Harbor side Hotel management intends to make the October limo promo an annual feature as well. And as we have always done since our first year of business, our resident entertainment management has scheduled our popular horror film screening event on Halloween night, taking place in the ballroom and featuring classic and popular movies of the genre, including some recent favorites as well. So October at Harbor side Hotel will be guaranteed to be busy, exciting and fun!

The screening schedule of this event will be released next week, but you can book your deluxe room and get your free limousine hire voucher on our Bookings page. Happy Halloween!

October Special Offer!

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Check out our opening special! Just print this page and bring it in to save $$$$! Only for the month of October.